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About us

Hello, my name is Patricia, I am a dog carer/healer and professional groomer.

I have always had a passion for dogs, and when my own dog sadly passed away, I decided to provide this wonderful service, which allows people to relax while on holiday, safe in the knowledge that their dog is being loved and cared for in a loving home.


Looking after peoples dogs while they are on holiday is very rewarding for me, to know that the dog is happy and contented, and seeing the owners delight when they come home to a happy dog, makes my work worthwhile. I could not imagine my life without dogs in it, they are so much fun! Every dog has a different character, and I always ensure to adapt to their individual needs and feelings.


Their unconditional love and companionship dictates that many owners often avoid holidays, as they fear the unknown care provided within boarding kennels. This is where my services are very much appreciated, as I provide a loving temporary home where they are walked, fed, and cared for just as they are within their own home. They also keep me fit, active, and wonderful company!


If the dog needs grooming, I can also provide this service during their stay, or on a separate occasion, the great thing with this is that the dog also knows me, so they feel safe and happy!

Dog Grooming Staffordshire
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Dog Boarding Staffordshire

Staffordshire Dog Grooming

1092 Leek Road,


Stoke on Trent


Tel: 01782 766786


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